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11th May 2019 update (*)

- Only new exclusive Releases (no retextured items)
- Only Original Mesh 
- Original Creations (no fullperm or existing items)
- Gachas allowed (keep variety interesting for customer)
- No Copyright Infringement

No RL designers logos/brands

  - Price can be set freely

- No accessories as main release

- Setup ends on the 9th of the month

- Send your vendor's picture (fullperm) to Neveril inworld


- Set up starts every month from 6th to 9th 

    If your setup is not done on the 9th, your booth will be closed and replaced 

- 150 Prims allowed: use them to decorate your booth, don't leave it plain *

- Please delete unuseful scripts in your decorations to save lagg

- Automatic group/lm givers are not allowed

- Follow the theme you're invited for 

    Equal10 is based on an equal split of categories, male and female items. If you are invited for a      specific one, please be sure your release is gonna fit 


If you would like to give review packs to our team of  bloggers, just visit the bloggers room and do the following: 

- Buy a free prim rezzed, you can edit the shape based on your vendor 

- Drop inside the content the blogger's pack

- Don't delete the script and notecard inside

- Rename the prim as you prefer

- Put the vendor's picture on the front face of the prim

- You are allowed you edit the names inside the access list notecard if you don't want some people or categories to get your item. (*)

- You can check you got your items simply touching your vendor. (*)

If you prefer to be contacted from the bloggers to give packs, please let Neveril know.


- 6th  Setup open
- 9th  Setup close
- 10th Event open
- 5th  Event close

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