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26 October 2019 update (*)

- At least 3 posts are required (different items)

- Bloggers are by invite only, please don't ask for friends or alts to join 

- Please get from the bloggers room only items you are going to blog

- Blogger post deadline is the 25th*

- The items must be visible and well displayed

- Credit the item you are blogging and link the event so people can easy find it

- Fill the bloggers report, deadline: 25th of the current round

You can add your pictures on our flickr group only if featuring event items


- Equal10 event must be mentioned in the video itself

- The video must show/review the items and their options worn on the avatar, and spoken*

- "Equal10" must be in the title of the video

( we invite vloggers to expand the equal10 youtube content on youtube for people that are interested to search equal10 on youtube thats why equal10 is expected in the title)

-  1 monthly video required ( posted between 10th - 20th) 

- Vloggers are by invite only, please don't ask for friends or alts to join

Please keep in mind as vlogger you are not required to do blog posts.

If any of the mentioned points is not possible to fullfill we ask you to resign as a vlogger and check if the possibility as blogger is possible in this case send your flickr profile + blog to liacamille resident (ps: keep in mind there are different requirements for bloggers then for vloggers)


- Please take in mind that designers are not forced to provide items for bloggers

- Visit the bloggers room to get the items you wish to blog just touching the vendor wearing the group tag

- Please take only what you will blog/vlog

- If a designer didn't setup in the bloggers room  please don't ask for items


- Setup open: 6th of each month

- Setup close: 9th of each month

- Event open: 10th of each month

- Event close: 5th of each month

- Blog post deadline: 25th *

- Vlog video deadline: 20th *

- V/Bloggers report deadline: 25th of current round 

- Vacation form in case needed deadline: 7th of each month for the upcoming round 


- Remember to fill the bloggers report not later than 25th of the current round 

- Not filling the bloggers report will be like not have items blogged/vlogged

- Available from 6th to 27th of each month*

- You can choose if send post by post or send all the posts together (or video for vloggers)

- After the deadline the form will be closed and the reports nomore accepted*


- We understand if you are busy or have RL stuff to do, so you can request a "vacation"     

   filling out the following form

- You'll be not able to access the bloggers room till the end of the current round of the event.
- Vacation must be announced before the 7th of the month. 

- In a period of 3 months you're allowed to take 1 round of vacation 


Each v/blogger has a locker at the bloggers room with the name on it and 3 boxes: *

- 3 boxes, each means a month (ex. box1=january, box2=february, box3=march)

- The color of the box means your status for that current round

- Green: All the required n° of posts/videos are accepted

- Red: Required n° of posts/videos not filled or not accepted

For more infos or questions feel free to contact us

Bloggers Manager: liacamille resident

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